V-Dist (Effect)

V-Dist (Effect)

Amazing one-knob plugin that will make a true sausage from your audio spectrum. Approved by DJ Pon3, hated by Octavia. A must have tool for every legit brony producer!

Pro Tip: For best results use on the master channel & push the knob to the right as much as possible.


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V-Dist works well with any modern DAW that supports VST PlugIns* – simply install V-Dist plugin and load it in your favourite DAW
Add the power of OneKnob2SausageDemAllTM technology to your music with just few clicks!




"This is THE sickest thing!! OwO"



"Thanks for Violin Melody's new plugin #VDIST I can sound like a pro too!! I rate it 11/10 would buy again!"



"Anyone can become a professional I was not good at mixing and mastering, but by install this, I got a very powerful sound. Absolutely it doesn’t hurt to buy.

(written seriously) It is very easy to understand that this plugin has only one knob. If you turn the knob around 1/3, the sound pressure will rise naturally"



"My newest remix features three instances of VDist btw!"


Soul Strings

"My song for Enigma album from Ponies@Dawn was made using this awesome plugin"


oneKnob 2 SausageDemAll™ technology



"Next time your synths are falling flat in your mix, don’t reach for an EQ."



"Soundgoodizer ruins my transients and tails :(((( I used to use it a lot, but it gives this ugly boxy sound when not used properly. Now when I replaced it with VDist, my tansients and tails are dirtier than before - this plugin is amazing. I'd recommend it. It's so dirty I need to clean my wobbles in clorox. 10/10."



"Sounds like a turkey on Thanksgiving"


AnNy Tr3e

"You think, sausage fattener, is the simplest distortion plugin? Well, you're wrong. This plugin manages to bring your music production to the next level with just one knob. Just turn it up and get some spicy distortion. It's definitely an awesome plugin and I'll keep using it. <3"



"V-Dist makes my chord progressions sound up to 36% more complex than they really are."



"The answer to the ultimate question of the universe is 42. The answer to the ultimate question for producers is this plugin."



"I WANNA BE TEENAGE IDOL (^ω~) ( ゚o⌒) (^_<)〜☆ ☆⌒(≧▽​° )"



"perfection I would love to touch..wait was I reviewing the plug in or u, Vio..... 😋"


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