Who is Violin Melody?

About me:

Hi there! I’m Violin Melody – a silly mare who decided to dedicate her life to music and game developing. ~^.^~
I’m also a founder of A State of Sugar – a music group that organise collaboration albums and give all undiscovered artists a chance for spotlight. You may know me from some other things – I’m pretty active around (even if I’m introvert).

My music is a mixture of trance and house – with focus on progressive parts of these, but it’s not limited only to these. I love “touching” other genres and experimenting with audio.

It’ll be a pleasure for me if you would love to join me with my journey by subscribing to my yt channel! Thank you. 💜

Favourite Music Artists:

Robert Miles, Armin van Buuren, Sonic Mayhem (Quake 2 OST), Kai Rosenkranz (Gothic I & II OST), Deadmau5